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Conde Nast Traveller, July / August issue 2022

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What students have said about Local Classes

"Olivia is a remarkably generous and expert teacher whose classes are always fun and often revolutionary." Julia Brockley

"Olivia was my first ever yoga teacher. Her ability to teach the absolute beginner and the more experienced student in the same class means that I am still coming back to her many years later. Her knowledge of yoga, the body and Chinese medicine that is carefully worked into each lesson adds another rich layer, while gently stretching your body to its appropriate edge." Alex Hedges

"I would recommend Olivia's yoga classes to anyone from a beginner to a dedicated yogi. She has the perfect balance between physical and mental well being and when I leave her class on a Monday morning I feel 10 feet tall, completely relaxed and ready to take on the week! She has such a calming manner you can't help but become addicted!" Jenny Handley

"I love Olivia's classes. I had never done yoga before and was really worried that I'd struggle but Olivia has helped me work within my abilities to build up my skills and confidence over time. I feel great afterwards, really ready to face the week ahead!" Nicola Daley

What students have said about Yin/Yang Yoga Days

"Over the last two years I have been lucky enough to have taken part and cooked for six of Olivia's Yin Yoga days. These take place three times a year in Autumn, Spring and Summer and although principally based on the Yin and Yang yoga style, are interwoven with her considerable knowledge of the Chinese Five Elements and the relevant organs that each is associated with. Olivia combines her experience as yoga teacher and shiatsu practitioner to present a unique style that not only nurtures the physical body towards wellness but also feeds the soul. Both morning and afternoon sessions have a physical practice that includes many modifications suitable for all levels of experience and finish with a short meditation, expertly guided by Olivia. Following lunch, which is also themed to the element of the season, there is a delicious Yoga Nidra session, allowing time for digestion. The day is peppered with short readings and quotes, which have been thoughtfully chosen to support the current theme/element.

All in all I always end the day feeling totally replenished and indulged, ready to face the challenges of life ahead!"

Sophia Niell Website: www.blackmountainsbarns.co.uk

"Each Yin Yoga day gives me a profound insight into myself and my life. It's wonderful to have an opportunity to take stock surrounded by the most amazing scenery of the Black Mountains. Each workshop is tailored to the seasons which one can see played out across the Welsh countryside and echoed again in Sophia's wonderfully enriching meals." Julia Brockley

"I really look forward to the Yin Yoga days. Each season is different and brings a fresh approach and inspiration to my own yoga practice. Black Mountain Barns provides a calm, natural space with nutritious food and I have enjoyed the seasons here from glorious summer sunshine and winter snow! Olivia's approach is welcoming and inclusive, having a day to spend more time to practice and learn from Olivia is a wonderful experience. I always leave with a smile and feeling that the day has just been what my body and mind has needed. How does she know?!" Ceri Jones Yoga Teacher

"I recently attended Olivia's Yin and Yang Summer Yoga retreat. The day, held in the beautiful black mountains was everything I hoped it would be and more. I came away feeling rested, stretched, stimulated, restored and those same good feelings have lasted for a good few weeks.

Being fairly new to yoga, I was worried that the day might be too much for me. However, due to Olivia's ability to address the needs of each individual in the group, I was able to go at my own pace and get exactly what I needed from each session.

Olivia is a masterful yoga teacher and combines a gentle, meditative style with a practical, supportive way of working with her clients."

Karen Whittleworth, Director, Worth Consulting Ltd www.worthconsulting.co.uk

What people have said about Private Yoga

"My workload and family commitments make it virtually impossible for me to regularly attend Olivia's weekly sessions. I therefore decided to work with Olivia on a one to one basis – one of the best decisions I've made.

Olivia has tailored private sessions for my husband and I, who is also new to Yoga. The difference these sessions have made to our fitness and sense of wellbeing is immeasurable. Olivia comes to our home for 11/2 hours per week or fortnight and whilst initially we felt this might have been an indulgence, we now see it as essential to our on-going health and well being.

Olivia develops bespoke 'routines' for us, depending on our needs. Her ability to understand what an individual needs and to tailor the sessions accordingly, is one of Olivia's great strengths.

Olivia has a wonderful serenity that is contagious and I challenge anyone, not to come away from her sessions feeling enlivened, restored and energized."

Karen Whittleworth, Director, Worth Consulting Ltd www.worthconsulting.co.uk

Feedback from some of the borders at Monmouth School for Girls

Question: What have you gained from the yoga sessions?
Answer: An ability to calm myself in stressful situations. I’ve become far more flexible and more relaxed in general.

Question: Has it been of value?
Answer: Definitely, it was a time to relax and reflect on the week. It was nice to take time out from the stresses of living at school.

Question: What do you think about the idea of teaching young people to meditate?
Answer: I think it would be a great idea. Young people in today’s society are under a huge amount of stress and teaching them to take time to focus not only on their well-being, but on their mental health is crucial.

Question: What do you think would be most useful to you in terms of helping you to cope with pressures of life/school etc.?
Answer: Time out, this is why I enjoyed yoga because it was away from school and I always left feeling rejuvenated and far more relaxed than before.

Another student:
"I have learnt a lot from yoga. It is one of those seldom activities where you can take time out for yourself and relax. It has certainly benefitted my ability to cope with stress and workloads. The sessions have definitely been of value. It is evident that Olivia is very highly qualified, as she conducts the sessions very professionally. She has laid the important foundations of yoga practice and yoga philosophy, which are essential for beginners.

Teaching young people to meditate would definitely be beneficial in terms of coping with heavy workloads, exam stress etc. We are constantly reminded to work as hard as possible, but we are rarely reminded to take time out for ourselves and be mindful of our physical and mental state. (It would certainly decrease panic attacks and meltdowns before exams!) Personally, I think that doing yoga on a regular (possibly daily) basis would certainly help me deal with stress. A varied weekly routine that one can do as a quick session would put me in a better mood before starting work!"

Another student:
"I have gained very useful breathing exercises, which are helpful in life and with anxiety. When I did yoga I was super relaxed and could actually sleep. I also gained knowledge of my own body.

At some points adolescence gets too much and I wish I were more aware of meditation because it is so useful and from what I have heard from people I've talked to, is also useful in later life."



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