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Yoga Retreat Days at The Coach House

Day Retreats are an opportunity to live deeper into the teachings of Mindfulness / Buddhism and to cultivate a daily practice that integrates both Yoga and Meditation. Olivia will offer two Autumn / Winter Retreat Days (Part 1 and Part 2) at The Coach House Retreat and will focus on the teachings of the Paramitas. The Sanskrit word Paramita means to cross over to the other shore. The Paramitas have also been described as The Six True Ways of Living.

Places are limited to 8 students. Each event will run from 10am–4:30pm, with a simple lunch of soup, bread and nourishing salads provided. Cost: £85 to be paid in advance. Cancellation Policy for Retreat Days: Money will be refunded if I can fill your place, which I will always endeavour to do. Last minute cancellations are more tricky and a refund is not always possible in this situation.


23rd November 2019 – Day Retreat at The Coach House

** Fully Booked **

Cultivating Character and Resilience
Through Yin Yoga, Mindful Flow and Dharma Teachings. (Part 1)

On this Retreat Day, we will explore the Paramitas of Energy, Stability & Patience. We need a lot of energy and enthusiasm, to cultivate a daily practice in a busy life. This enthusiasm often grows when one has tested the teachings and put them into practice. A new level of confidence is born, confidence in the teachings and also in Awareness. Stability is what we cultivate through Meditation, an inner quality of being that is both soft and strong, can remain steady and move fluidly with the currents of change. In the midst of a busy life, we come to know directly a sane quiet centre that we can take True Refuge in. The Paramita of Patience is the antidote to our many moments of frustration, impatience and intolerance. We will need a lot of patience on this path of practice, patience towards ourselves, towards others and life itself.

Through Meditation, Yin Yoga and Mindful Flow, we will explore our potential for crossing over the sea of our day to day suffering (Samsara) to the shore of Awakening (Nirvana). This is a life long journey of discovery and a leaning into our deepest potential, which is naturally wise, ethical and enlightened.


8th February 2020 – Day Retreat at The Coach House

Cultivating Character and Resilience
Through Yin Yoga, Mindful Flow and Dharma Teachings. (Part 2)

On this Retreat Day we will focus on the Paramitas of Generosity, Ethics and Wisdom. All these qualities of being are already within us. We have many moments when we are spontaneously generous, ethical and wise. Equally we have moments when the call to give is tested and our generosity pulls back, or we act in unwise and unethical ways. Through working with the Paramitas we aspire to cultivate openness while at the same time understanding fear and contraction live inside of us. We cultivate the Paramitas on an outer, inner and innermost level, seeing where we pull back and where we have the potential to open. Wisdom is “The Mother of the Buddhas” since it is wisdom that gives birth to Awakening. Wisdom is a way of seeing and has the capacity to transform our relationship with everything. There are 3 ways to cultivate Wisdom – hearing and studying the teachings to make us more adaptable, fluid and responsive to life. Contemplating what we have learnt…. chewing on the teachings, pondering and reflecting, making them relevant to our day-to-day lives. Practicing the teachings in formal meditation and in everyday life.

This life long process is experiential. We can read and hear but most importantly it’s the day-to-day practice and inner cultivation that brings these teachings to life, as a relevant Authentic Path.




Please call for more information: Tel: 01600 740785 or email: olivia@oliviahealingyoga.co.uk

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