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Yoga Retreat Days at The Coach House

Places are limited to 8 students. Each event will run from 10am–4:30pm, with a simple lunch of soup, bread and nourishing salads provided. Cost: £85 to be paid in advance. Cancellation Policy for Retreat Days: Money will be refunded if I can fill your place, which I will always endeavour to do. Last minute cancellations are more tricky and a refund is not always possible in this situation.


23rd March 2019

The Deep Seat of Joy and Equanimity

A Retreat Day, integrating Yin Yoga, Mindfulness Meditation and Aspiration Practice. Working with Loving Kindness, Compassion, Joy and Equanimity – we will continue to cultivate these Four Great Catalysts of Awakening, taking the deep seat of Equanimity and cultivating Joy. This is a growing appreciation of our basic goodness, bravery, good heart and fundamental openness. This is a source of enormous joy, an unshakeable Happiness, a deep trust and growing confidence in our True Nature.


October 11th–13th 2019 – Retreat at The Clover Mill

Yin & Yang Flow Yoga, Mindfulness and Dharma Teachings

At The Clover Mill Ayurvedic Spa Retreat

The theme of this nourishing weekend residential retreat will be Cultivating Character & Resilience, a turning of the heart / mind towards our basic goodness, bravery, good heart and natural openness. This is a source of enormous joy, an unshakeable happiness and confidence in our True Nature. We will lean into the teachings of the 6 Paramitas. The Sanskrit word paramita means to cross over to the other shore. The Paramitas have also been described as The Six True Ways of Living. Through cultivating qualities of being such as Stability, Generosity, Patience, Joyful Energy we cross over the sea of our day to day suffering (samsara) to the shore of happiness and awakening (nirvana); we cross over from our habits of ignorance and delusion to moment-to-moment awakening. The other shore is not really a destination as such but more an inward commitment to awakening and living life to our full potential, which is naturally wise, ethical and enlightened.

This workshop is suitable for people who have a deep inward commitment towards growth and are already engaging in some form of meditation practice. It is not suitable for people who are completely new to Yoga and Meditation.

(Day places are also available... please enquire)
Cost for Residential: £500

All meals, accommodation and teaching inclusive


23rd November 2019 - Day Retreat at The Coach House

Character and Resilience

An exploration of The Paramitas (Energy, Stability & Patience)
More information to follow



Please call for more information: Tel: 01600 740785 or email: olivia@oliviahealingyoga.co.uk

Find out more about the Coach House Wellbeing Reatreat at: thecoachhouseretreat.co.uk