Olivia Clarke : Yoga Teacher

Olivia's teaching style

Upward facing dog poseOlivia blends the insights and practices of the Yoga traditions and Buddhism to create a balanced and integral practice for life. With over twelve years professional practice in Healing Shiatsu and Yoga, she interweaves her knowledge of Chinese Medicine and Meridian Theory with the Buddhist teachings on Mindfulness and the Wisdom traditions of Yoga. The cultivation of Balance, the marriage of Chinese Medicine and Yoga and the dynamic dance of Yin and Yang are at the heart of her teaching style. Insight or Wisdom is a deep inner listening and knowing of ourselves, which can lead to more wholesome ways of living, both on and off the Yoga mat.


Olivia began teaching Yoga in 1998 alongside her practice and development in Mindfulness Training, Healing Shiatsu and Traditional Chinese Medicine. She has a degree in Eastern and Western Philosophy, Psychology and Literature, as well as a background in the Arts. She attended two years at Art School (Wimbledon and Central St. Martins) where she studied Textiles and has done a year foundation in Psychotherapy with The Karuna Institute. She is now a mother of two and sees motherhood as an integral part of her growth, healing and development.

Lineage of teachers

Warrior poseHer Yogic roots first developed in the Sivananda Yoga Ashrams of Kerala, Southern India (Teacher Training, 1998) and the Bahamas (Advanced Teacher Training, 1999); evolved into Vinyasa Flow, with Shiva Rea, with whom she studied in New York, London and Wales, appreciating Shiva's love of dance, rhythm, creativity and music. Balanced with Shiva's contemporary approach to Yoga, Olivia continued to be drawn to the more contemplative and ashram based styles of Sivanada and Mandala Yoga (which has close links with the Bihar School).

In 2005, Olivia began an inspirational two-year training with Simon Low and The Yoga Academy, which she completed in April 2007 (British Wheel of Yoga Accredited and Yoga Alliance Registration 200 Hour Level). This training has really directed the course of her Yoga journey to date. It is through Simon that Olivia was introduced to Yin Yoga. She fell deeply in love with the restorative, healing and nurturing qualities of Yin Yoga and realized that for true balance to exist, the two complimentary and dynamic energies of Yin and Yang must work in tandem. Simon holds these two energies beautifully together. His teaching and training style is nourishing, challenging, wholesome and well balanced. It was through Simon that Olivia was introduced to Paul Grilley author of "Yin Yoga - Outline of a Quiet Practice" and Sarah Powers author of "Insight Yoga".

In July 2011, Olivia completed a 10-day training in "Insight Yoga", a training that has inspired her to return to teaching, after taking a few years out to become a mother. Sarah Powers is now Olivia's most current and ongoing teacher. She weaves together so many of Olivia's interests, bridging and harmonizing her training in Yoga, Shiatsu and Meditation.

Training in Shiatsu and Mindfulness

Olivia is a fully qualified Shiatsu practioner (MRSS) and trained with Chris Jarmey and The European School of Shiatsu and Sonia Moriceau The Healing Shiatsu School. It was through Sonia that Olivia was introduced to Mindfulness Training and Vipassana (Insight Practice). Underpinning all of Sonia's teaching is a training in the daily cultivation of Metta (Loving Kindness). Sonia is also an inspirational teacher of the Five Elements, which has become an influential thread in Olivia's creative and healing development.

Olivia has practiced Shiatsu and Yoga in tandem for over a decade and for several years worked at Breast Cancer Haven in London and Hereford, as well as running a private practice in Wales.

Please call for more information: Tel: 01600 740785 or Email: olivia@oliviahealingyoga.co.uk