Olivia Clarke : Yoga Teacher

"Olivia's yoga is nourishing both for the body and the soul. Attending enables me to start my week in a positive mindful manner and practising the poses along with considering her thoughtful words helps me to thrive in both my professional and home life. Olivia is very knowledgeable about the connections between yoga, mindfulness and well-being; physical, mental and spiritual and shares this generously. I make this class a priority in my busy schedule as it benefits my happiness enormously enabling me to flourish and as a result of that, it also benefits my family and friends." Sarah Helm Executive Headteacher,
The Wye Forest Federation

"Olivia is a remarkably generous and expert teacher whose classes are always fun and often revolutionary." Julia Brockley

"Olivia was my first ever yoga teacher. Her ability to teach the absolute beginner and the more experienced student in the same class means that I am still coming back to her many years later. Her knowledge of yoga, the body and Chinese medicine that is carefully worked into each lesson adds another rich layer, while gently stretching your body to its appropriate edge." Alex Hedges

"I love Olivia's classes. I had never done yoga before and was really worried that I'd struggle but Olivia has helped me work within my abilities to build up my skills and confidence over time. I feel great afterwards, really ready to face the week ahead!" Nicola Daley

"I would recommend Olivia's yoga classes to anyone from a beginner to a dedicated yogi. She has the perfect balance between physical and mental well being and when I leave her class on a Monday morning I feel 10 feet tall, completely relaxed and ready to take on the week! She has such a calming manner you can't help but become addicted!" Jenny Handley

Local Classes & Venues

If the class you wish to attend is Fully Booked, Olivia has a Wait List and will contact you when a space becomes available.

Dingestow Yoga

This class is currently not running. It will start again in January.

Monmouth Priory Yoga – Monday 7–8:30pm
Geoffrey Room (upstairs)

Fully Booked

Monmouth Priory Yoga – Wednesday 7-8:30pm
Geoffrey Room (upstairs)

13th, 20th, 27th September
4th, 11th, 18th October
NO YOGA 25th October and 1st November (school half term)
8th,15th, 29th November (NO YOGA 22nd November – I'm in Holland)
6th,13th December
11 week term: £110 (£10 a session)
Drop-in Rate: £12 a session. 

Monmouth Priory Yoga - Friday 9:15–10:45am

15th, 22nd, 29th September
6th, 13th, 20th, 27th October
NO YOGA 3rd November (school half term)
NO YOGA 10th and 24th November (I'm away)
17th November, 1st December 
NO YOGA 8th December (I'm away)
15th December
10 week term: £100 (£10 a session)
Drop-in Rate: £12 a session.


Yin YogaYin Yoga

Yin Yoga is in many ways a teaching on inward drawn attention, using a series of deeply restorative postures, inspired by Taoist Yoga and held for several minutes at a time.

In a Yin Yoga class, you will find a place for silence and stillness, in which you can explore the subtle realms of the meridian system, as well as cultivating a deeply meditative approach to your practice, one that listens to the body at a deep and intuitive level.


Yang YogaYang Yoga (Vinyasa)

Yang Yoga is a continually flowing sequence of poses that helps to build heat and energy in the body, as well as encouraging flexibility and strength.

This energizing and warming practice is balanced beautifully with the more restorative, calming and cooling practice of Yin.



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